Trở lại trang chủ



This was the first trip in the conquering journey in 3 treks of the AQUA’s explorers. Phuoc Buu wood – Ho Tram is a trekking paradise with magnificence and mystery. It seems like other ordinary wood but when you step on this land it is easy to find that it has many interesting things, from terrain to landscape and vegetal here. Let’s explore the treks in Phuoc Buu wood together via the following journey.

60-km away from Hue city, Bach Ma gathers many pristine and charming landscapes that make all moved. It is also heaven for a trek with many types of terrain like the available trails to undiscovered forest roads… they will bring the feel of thrill, venturing, and conquering for the participants. Let’s look back on this interesting journey together from the AQUA’s trekkers through this video!

Different from the first two trips, AQUA in Central and South is climbing, foot-walking under the river, and trekking through the wood while 500 AQUA’s members in North together unitedly go to the sea. They incarnated them in the explorers to discover and enjoy the beauty of Tuan Chau – an island of Ha Long. The journey “The Great Explorers 2019” was the one that helped 500 members in North explore and train themselves.