Trở lại trang chủ



In the mid of Jun, Canh Cung is honored to get the chance to hold a series of events on 20-year anniversary of Saigon Construction Corporation – SCC which include: Anniversary, Teambuilding & Gala night for the exchange of the gong culture.

At the anniversary, SCC’s members together look back on the long journey that the company has gone through from the establishing day to the present as well as review the highlighted milestones that it suffered during the difficult stages. Therefore, they have strong reasons to be proud of a sturdy SCC at present.


The series happened in 3 days 2 nights for the SCC family in Da Lat city with the key activities: teambuilding on day 1 with the theme “AWAKE YOUR POWER” at the Mong Mo hill, teambuilding on day 2 with named “JOINT THE POWER, TOUCH THE SUCCESS” in Nam Qua tourist area. Through abundant challenges and impressive activities, all SCC’s members can both awaken their own power and get interesting experiences, and solidarity and keep THEIR TRUST with 4 core values that SCC set as a compass for their all activities: Responsibility – Quality – Creativity – Credibility.

After a day of releasing all their energy in Teambuilding “AWAKE YOUR POWER”, SCC big family continued to join in the gong culture exchange at Mong Mo hill, with activities to satisfy the senses: sight, hearing, taste, and smell by tasting the wine and highland grilled meat together resonate with the firing and traditional music of ethnic minorities and sound of the gong.