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“Be Happy Be Happier”
Aiming to make Glass Egg Digital Media not only a working cube but also a place to keep many beautiful memories of Egg-ers such as graveyard shifts and overnight parties which will help the Egg-er HAPPIER and HAPPIER.
“Thanks for the 20 years journey of hard work and memories”

Gala night thanks for the efforts and contributions of all members who constituted the success of Glass Egg Digital Media on the 20-year journey.
During the pride journey of GE family, Canh Cung is fond of accompanying Glass Egg Digital Media in many internal events from 2015 to the present.
The events not only kept the different levels of emotions but expanded the happiness of all staff and team who were there to support Xom Hai Xe.
20 years of Glass Egg is a great motivation to boost Canh Cung continuously to challenge innovation and continue to go with Glass Egg Digital Media on the upcoming journeys.